Some frequently asked questions about us and our services:

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Kids Birthday Party Packages

The earlier the better. We are amongst the busiest children entertainers in Singapore, and our calendar can fill up weeks in advance – especially so for weekends and public holidays. We are unable to guarantee your preferred date and time until you confirm your booking with us, and we send you our confirmation email.

There is no limit. We believe that the more the guests, the merrier the party! We always bring along a self-contained, battery-operated PA system so that everyone can hear.

Inside is better but outside is OK. Just remember that we need shade too. If it’s too hot for the children, it’s too hot for us. Wind can also be a problem for everyone at a party.

Our magician will require just two big paces from the wall to do his magic, in addition to sitting space for the children. Our balloon sculptor just needs a comfortable standing space, whereas our face painter and caricaturist will need to be sitted with some table space. For games, the bigger the area, the better, as this means that our games masters will have more flexibility in deciding which games to play.

If you have hired our balloon sculptor, face painter or caricaturist, these entertainment should occur when the party starts, according to the time that was mentioned in the invitation card. This ensures that guests which are early or on time will be suitably entertained as they arrive. Waiting for everyone to arrive before starting will cause your guests to have to queue and wait for a longer time. Group entertainment (e.g. magic show and games) should start no earlier than 30 minutes after the party has started, since there will always be latecomers.

Not at all. We are experienced and very good at reading children – and during our shows, children are free to be themselves, be it quiet or boisterous, without any stress!

Easy, it’s then double the fun.

It’s your party, you can do what you like but it’s so much better for all if you don’t. The kids have a much better opportunity that way to experience and enjoy the magic show without being distracted by food, or drinks, or spills.

Definitely not. We operate a no-rabbit policy as it is unfair and inhumane to put a living animal in a small and dark ‘secret compartment’ in hot and humid Singapore for a long period of time.

Only one thing … a crowd of excited children.

We are purely children entertainment specialists – but do feel free to contact us as we will be happy to recommend professional entertainers who perform for adult parties and shows, at a good price!