Best Fringe Activities in Singapore to Amplify Your Event Experience


From novelty fringe entertainment such as caricature or shadow cutting to popular entertainment like balloon twisting and face painting services, we offer a vibrant array of fringe activities (& party rentals too!) that are sure to captivate both children and adults alike.

Whether you’re looking to set up a fringe activities booth at a corporate event or for your kids party,  we have the best local artists and talents to provide an unforgettable experience for your guests.

We offer a wide range of party entertainment options, and fuss-free packages too! Click an Image to learn more about each of our Fringe Services!

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Fringe Activities / Entertainment

Looking to add a touch of novelty and entertainment to your dinner and dance , kids party or wedding reception? Consider incorporating seated fringe activities such as balloon sculpting, face painting, and caricature into your event. These interactive and engaging activities not only serve as unique souvenirs for guests but also liven up the atmosphere.

– Receiption Entertainment while guests are waiting for main program
– Suitable for Family friendly Crowd
– Non Intrusive Entertainment Option

– May not cater to majority present if only a short duration is allocated
– Popularity of specific services are based on guests preferences
– Inevitable Queue / Wait time for service

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Balloon Sculpting

Riley1st061 1920px 001

Face Painting



Henna Art

Henna Artist

Glitter Tattoo

Glitter Tattoo

Airbrush tattoo

Airbrush Tattoo

Party Entertainer - Shadow artist Silhouette Cutting Artist

Silhouette Artist

Infocus Conference 217

Roving Magic

LIVE Food Stations

Live food station can add an element of fun and excitement for both kids and adults. Our traditional live stations are not just about providing tasty treats, but also about creating an interactive experience. Kids and adults can watch as the popcorn pops, the candy floss spins, and ice cream uncle is scooping out creamy ice cream right in front of their eyes. It’s a sensory delight that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to any event.

– Traditional / Familiar Live Food Station
– Adds color, aroma and photo opportunities

– May compete with catered food / dishes
– Sugary treats may not always be welcomed

Popcorn Station


Candy Floss Station

Candy Floss

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WALLS Ice Cream Cart

Workshops / Hands On Fun Activity

Workshops at events offer a unique and engaging experience for both kids and parents. These interactive sessions provide an opportunity to learn new skills while having fun together as a family. From magic tricks to balloon sculpting, these workshops introduce children to exciting activities that can boost their confidence and creativity.

– Hands on Session to keep participants constantly engaged
–  Learn & Play at the same time
– Novel experience for a memorable time

– Substantially high cost as charges are often based on per pax
– Availablity consideration (Jellybean Workshops are only conducted by experienced lead facilitators)

corporate balloon twisting workshop singapore

Balloon Sculpting Workshop

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Interactive Slime Making Workshop

5 rosy

Fruit Dip & Decoration Workshop


Basic Juggling Workshop

Magic Show & Workshop by Singapore Magician

Magic Academy Workshop

Jenga Singaore Board game HOSTING

Party Board Game Hosting

Additional Services & Rentals

From sound equipment rentals for those who want to add some music to their event, to bouncy castles and inflatables to keep the little ones entertained, we offer a variety of add on fringe activities to make sure your event runs smoothly.

In addition to entertainment options, encee services can be a valuable addition to any event. These professionals help hold the celebration together, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and keeping the energy high.

To liven up the mood and add a touch of whimsy, balloon decorations are also a popular choice. Whether it’s elegant balloon arches or just floating helium balloons, they can transform any space into a festive atmosphere.

With these event rental options and add on at your disposal, you can create an unforgettable experience for your guests while taking some of the stress out of planning and organizing.

Balloon Decorations 1920px 001

Balloon Decorations

IMG 9031 1920px 001

Bouncy Castles

Photography 1920px 001


Ball Pool Party Entertainment Rental SG

Ball Pit Rental

IKEA MAMMUT blue children table

Table and Chairs Rental

Emcee Services


Carnival Games Booth

Carnival Game Stall

Capture 2

Sound System Rental

Goodie Bag Multiple

Party Packs Goodies

baby shower kids party photobooth

Photobooth Instant Print