Enjoy Splashing Good Fun with Certified Life Guards Today!

Are you looking to give your child a truly awesome birthday party to celebrate the most important day of their life?

When the summer sun hits there’s nothing kids like more than getting wet. Make a splash with an epic pool party and you’ll be the coolest parent on the block. Whether you’ve got an Olympic-sized pool, a kiddie pool, or even just some sprinklers, we host fully supervised pool activities each are designed to suit the relevant age group. All parties in the water come with Life guard to ensure your kids safety.
(Note: Splash Parties (for kids under 5) are not in the water but use water.)
Our Pool Parties do get booked up quickly over the weekends, so please contact us sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Choose a Suitable Package!

Splash Pool Party
$750 (Caters for 15 pax)
  • Only for Kids Aged 0 – 5yrs
  • Includes 2 hour Party Time
  • 30 minutes Glitter Tattoo Arrival Activity
  • 30mins Facilitated Splash Games
  • 1 hour Free Play
  • 3 x Water Play Items
    • Slime Making
    • Water Beads
    • Rubber Duckie play pool
  • Party Host / Program Staff
  • Party Host/Lifeguard throughout

$750 (Caters for up to 15 pax)
  • For kids aged 5 – 9
  • Includes 2hr Party Time
  • 30mins Glitter Tattoo or Temporary Tattoos
  • 1hr Faciliated Pool Games
  • 5 Giant Inflatables
  • 30mins Free play on Giant Inflatables
  • Party Host/Lifeguard throughout

$750 (Caters for up to 15 pax)
  • For Kids Aged 5 – 9
  • Includes 2hr Party Time
  • 30mins Glitter Tattoo or Temporary Tattoos
  • 45 minutes Faciliated Pool Games
  • 45 minutes Mermaid Training
  • Mermaid Tails Included for Kids
  • Giant Clam Shell Inflatable for Photo Taking
  • Party Host/Lifeguard throughout
**only available with any purchase of Economy, Standard, Premium or Deluxe Package

Pinata Session

  •  Pinata Provided
  • All candies included within fillings
  • Free Hosting by our Party Entertainer

Party Packs

  • 25 party packs provided
  • Contents include biscuits, candies & other sweet delights!

Floating Helium Balloons

  • 50 Helium balloons
  • Choose your favorites colors!
  • Leave it hanging in the ceiling!


Please see our FAQ below for questions you may need answered.


What if it Rains?

No problem the fun can continue:
If the rain is light – we can still continue with the normal pool party program.
If the rain is heavy – and the kids are happy to continue in the rain we will go ahead with the fun (they are getting wet anyway) but if they are getting cold and/or would rather not be out int he rain then you just need to have a indoor area to locate to – our team will play dry games with the kids until the rain resides or the party time is over.
If thunder & lighting – Im sorry we can not enter the water with thunder and lighting in the area.

What is the ratio of staff to children in the water?

Our staff to kids ratio is 1:5 so for 15 kids you would have 3 staff in attendance at your party.  One staff will always be a qualified life guard.  If you have 20 kids attending please advise so we can ensure an additional staff member at your party.  For 20 – 30 kids, there will be an additional +$250 for an extra staff and props to facilitate the program efficiently.

Do you provide a Life Guard?

Yes all our parties have life guard in attendance

Do you provide flotation devices for the kids within the program package costs?

No, as all the kids should be able to swim proficiently.  However if you would like to book   flotation devices just incase some of your guests are not strong swimmers we do have them available for hirer if you will like to add them to your package do let us know.

My kid/guests cant swim confidently can I still have a party?

The short answer is yes you can still have a party.  However the games may need to be tweaked to account for the kids who can not swim confidently.  If your party is majority can swim well and just a few whom cant, we do offer flotation devices for rent to ensure the less confident swimmers can join the fun.

How long do you need to set up?

Party Programs – Set up takes approx. 30mins however we normally arrive with 1hr – 45mins to set up the programs.