Discover SG’s Original KPOPX Fitness Kids Dance Party Guaranteed to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Absolutely Awesome!

Attention Busy Parent,


Looking for an absolutely unforgettable idea for your child’s upcoming birthday party?

Bored with the usual magic parties?

Why not throw them an EPIC dance party they will never forget with KPOPx Fitness?


If that sounds like your idea of fun here’s why you’re in the perfect spot:


KPOPx Fitness is the SG’s original Fitness Program In Kpop Style party provider!


ON-SITE Live Entertainment We go to exactly wherever you are! 


KPOP Fitness Dance Parties are hosted by trained and certified facilitators so they have the enthusiasm and confidence to deliver an incredible experience!


An International Fitness Program Recoginized by Aerobics and Fitness Association of Amercia (AFAA) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)




What’s Included? 

Let’s face it, to really keep a group of sugar high children throughly entertainred and engsged is no easy task.

Children crave interaction and our “Non Stop” Fitness Dance offers just that..

Your 45 minutes KPOP Fitness Dance Party Will Include:

Creative KPOP Ftiness Workout that’s uniquely designed to make your child’s party unforgettable!

6 Catchy KPOP Hits from the Latest and Greatest!

Entertaining warm up games & ice breakers – hands-on, interactive fun so every child is 100% included!

Dance themed Games – split into groups and/or pairs and have fun dancing to what you just learnt!

Family Bonding Experience – Adults are welcomed to join in as part of the session too!

Complimentary Cake Cutting Hosting – Let our host gather the kids and sing the birthday song! We facilitate this so you don’t have to!

$350 Up to 10 pax
  • 1  x Certified Kpop Fitness Coach
  • 2 x Ice Breaker / Games
  • Kpop Fitness Dance Session
  • FREE! Cake Cutting Hosting
  • Total Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

$450 Up to 10 pax
  • 1  x Certified Kpop Fitness Coach
  • 2 x Ice Breaker / Games
  • Kpop Fitness Dance Session
  • 30 minutes Glitter Tattoo Session
  • FREE! Cake Cutting Hosting
  • Total Duration: Approximately 1hr 15 minutes

$550 Up to 10 pax
  • 1  x Certified Kpop Fitness Coach
  • 2 x Ice Breaker / Games
  • Kpop Fitness Dance Session
  • 30 minutes Glitter Tattoo Session
  • Pinata Included + Hosting
  • FREE! Cake Cutting Hosting
  • Total Duration: Approximately 1hr 30 minutes

As professional kids party specialists, we are always on the look out for Interactive Live Entertainment that keeps children engaged and laughing their hearts out.

Working with Certified Trainers, we bring Singapore’s 1st Fitness Program in KPOP Style right wherever you are. This epic fitness work out is easy to follow along, with no dance background required. We are confident that this work out not only help brighten up the kids through exercise, they learn about movement creatively and will be having a great time doing so.


Is it Suitable for both Boys and Girls?

Yes of course! In fact, boys might have an even better time cause the workout can be quite physically requiring!

What's the recommended age for your sessions?

While we have catered for kids as young as 5 years old, typically 6 year olds and up would be most ideal. Our program is also suitable for teens and particularly for young adults. Even parents are welcomed to join in!

Are there breaks in between?

Our coach will schedule 5 – 10 minutes water break in between the session to make sure that everyone stays hydrated!

How much experience do your trainers have?

All our instructors have at least 1 year of working experience conducting similar sessions at corporate offices, community centers and various events. They are all certified trainers who went through Singapore’s KPOPx Fitness Training with Ms Maddy.

Which Package should I go for? What actually happens?

As professional kids party planners, our 3-in-1 Package is specially designed to offer the most awesome party experience for your kids celebrations. We start off with glitter tattoo in the beginning while waiting for guests to arrive. Kids get to mingle with one another while our talent also get to know the little ones! Following that we go into ice breaker games to make sure everyone get warmed up and ready for the KPOPX Fitness Session! Once everyone is on a high after the high impact workout, we go right into a Pinata session where everyone gets a chance to play. Finally we close it off by gathering the kids for the cake cutting ceremony!

More Information

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