Looking for a kids party photographer? As professional kids party specialists, we work with countless of studios and kids party photographers. Through the years we found the best people for the job.

Unlike Family Portraits, we look for kids party photographers who has an eye for capturing the special moments of the party as they unfold. Our kids party photographers are unobtrusive and will be there to create a beautiful record of the day to look back on.

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$350/2hrs (Usual Price: $450 /2 hours)
– 2 Hours of Roving Photography
– 1 Professional Photographer with DSLR Camera
– 150 to 200 High Resolution Photographs
– Professionally Edited Images
– Fuss-Free Download Link to Images
– 14 – 21 days lead time
– PLUS Complimentry Photo Montage of Highlights
– Subsequent Hours @ $175/hr

$380/hr (Usual Price: $450/hr)

– 1 – 2 Hours of Roving Videography
– 1 Professional Videographer
– 2 – 3 minutes Short Video Compilation of Highlights
– Fuss-Free Download Link to Edits
– 14 – 21 days lead time
– Subsequent hours @ $350/hr

Frequently Asked Questions on Birthday Photography / Party Photographers


Pricing Includes:
– 2 hours of roving photograpy (1 x birthday photographer)
– 100 –  150 set of edited high-resolution digital photos
– download link for images
$350/2hrs (Usual Price: $450/2hrs)

Lead Time

Our post-processing is 14-21 days after the party. Your photos will be ready then and a download link will be sent to you. Usually sooner!

Are your kids party photographer freelancers?

We work with Professional Wedding Photographers, who truly know how important it is when it comes to event photography. While wedding shoots are their priority, they work with us on a regular to provide the best rates for your birthday event when they are available!

How much experience does your kids party photographer have?

Every photographer we work with have been with us at least 2 – 3 years and have been shooting for more than 5 years. Rest assure that they are reliable professionals who not only take good shots, but are talents you can count on!

What actually happens when I hire for kids party photography?

Just like how it runs at a wedding, kids party photographers offers a roving service. They walk around at your event venue to take both posed and candid shots. Having a professional photographer helps to make sure that everyone is in the right position during your cake cutting ceremony! No more heads covered up or awkward faces!

Do you do instant print? Do you do photobooths?

We do! That said instant print or photobooths aren’t always the most feasible at parties because of space constrains. They also cost more (around twice or thrice) and doesn’t offer the best shots. If you’re looking for photographs that tells a story,  photographs that capture smiles and memories, roving photography will be your best option!

More Information

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Psst.. Do you want to know what's an even better way to capture the moments at your child's special day?

We offer videography services too! In this day and age, we could take dozens of pictures of everything around us and share them with everyone. It’s likely that you too have taken thousands and thousands of photographs of your little ones. While you probably love these photos dearly, and they do capture the best moments, videos help you remember exactly what it felt like, with better authenticity through movement, facial expressions, and consequently, more emotional resonance.

Take a look at our videography work below!

Find out more at our dedicated kids party photography site, or simply send in your enquiry to!