Looking for a Healthy and Fun Filled Party Activity?

Are you tired of popcorn or candy floss stations at your event? Rainbowly offers fresh fruit dips that is a healthier option, and one you and your guests won’t mind having more of.

We also offer fruit dip workshops where children can decorate their own fruits with chocolate and sprinkles. This keeps the little ones entertained while allowing them the opportunity to learn how to decorate like a baker. Who knows that in them, some may inspire to be a pastry chef one day!

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What Happens at the Workshop?

(1) Preparing Ingredients
Kids learn about how our food hygiene certified staff prepare each ingredient and the importance of cleanness! How cool would it be to learn about personal hygiene over a fun-filled activity like that?

(2) Decorating your own Creation
Children get to choose their favourite sprinkle to be placed on the different fresh fruits!

(3) Party Games
Tasting various fruit and sprinkle items while blindfolded and try to identify them correctly. The one with the most points wins!

Fruit Dip Decoration (recommended 6 – 12 year old)
Duration: 1 hour

Our Fruit Dip Decorating Party Package, is a fun and exciting way to celebrate your birthday where all supplies are provided. The VIPs decorate up to 5 dip fruit each with a variety of toppings such as:

  • candy stars,
  • chocolate sprinkles,
  • coloured sprinkles,
  • coconut flakes,
  • white chocolate,
  • a selection of many different colours of icing and coloured sugars.

We have tons of shapers to make many types of crazy shapes with their cut fruits.

Every child will get a special decorative bag to store their creation in and bring home with them if they wish so they can show off their wonderful creation back home.

Ingredient Pricing Per Pax:

Hands-on Workshop & Facilitation (including Chef demonstration) & Cut Fruits + Deco material

  • $45/pax (min. 5 kids)
  • Additional Facilitator +$150 (required for every additional 10 kids)

Corporate Workshop Package Option


Why let kids get all the fun? More often than not, we see parents having a just as much fun as the little ones at our fruit decoration workshops.

Find out more about our corporate workshop option by sending an enquiry to or call us at 9230 5911

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