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You’ve taken the first step to providing fun-fill entertainment for your celebration. Within just a few moments, you’ll receive an email from us, to let you know that we’ve received your enquiry in our inbox. Once we get to your email, we would reply you with all the details you need for your party solution.

It is well worth waiting to see my package suggestion before booking someone for your event as we pride ourselves on having the best quality entertainment in the business.

How long till I get a reply?

We try our best to get to all enquiries, mostly within 24hrs.

If you don’t receive an email after some time, check your spam folder! It’s usually in your junk box! So do remember take a look. & if you still don’t see our mail within 24hrs, feel free to drop us a whatsapp (9230 5911) or send in another email enquiry. We currently do not take phone enquiries. It’s always best if you include your contact details so that we can reach you back instead. If you’re enquiry over the weekends or public holidays, it can sometime take us just a bit longer to get back to you. The reason for that is that our team could be all out creating special memories at other children events. But you’ll hear from us on the next working day!

What can I do now?

All detail and prices of what we offer can all be found @


Jellybean Party Price List

What will you send me?

We will send a full description of the ideal package, and include pricing on all our packages. Jellybean Party offers a wide range of services and we specialize in matching the best possible entertainment for your event.

You will find that our booking process is robust and you will get everything in writing, reassuring you that your entertainer is dependable and you will not be let down. You will notice our professionalism when you receive our packages. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Thank you for your patience and all the best in preparing for your party.

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