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Like all good businesses, Jellybean Party is rolling with the times and adapting to the current situation that we all temporarily find ourselves in. We have been working hard behind closed doors all week putting together packages, programmes and party alternatives to help keep your children engaged and entertained during this lockdown and to ensure that their special celebrations don’t go by unnoticed.

We have officially launched our ONLINE BALLOON SCULPTING for your stay home little guests! 

Book the perfect activity to keep your child active and engaged in something that doesn’t involve the Games Console or TV today!

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What is Virtual Balloon Sculpting?

Balloon Sculpting is one of the most popular Kids Birthday Party Activities where kids get to watch balloons made into cars or animals in minutes! The biggest joy of all is that kids get to keep this one of a kind sculpture to remember their special day by. Many are known to sleep with their very own balloon sculptures! A virtual session is where you get to watch our talent twist through your screen, and the best part is that we courier the sculpture right to your doorstep after! We take all the necessary precaution when it comes to contactless delivery to make sure that our balloon gift reach you safe!

How is the Virtual Balloon Sculpting Session Conducted?

Providing this service for your child is easy and hassle-free, just let us know when you would like the party to take place and at what time, we will send you a link to the online party room with your PRIVATE INVITATION LINK. When it’s party time click on the link to your private and secure online meeting room where you will find your entertainer ready and waiting to take your child’s request in person and start doing up his or her favourite balloon sculpture!

Best of all, once we complete the sculpture, it will be sent to your home within the next hour via 3rd party courier.

If you have never used Zoom before, watch this 50 second video to show you everything you need to know.

Why should you book a Virtual Balloon Sculpting Session

  • Your child gets to Feel Special on their once a year birthday! 
  • Your child gets a One of a Kind gift to remember the day by!
  • Be among the First in the world to Experience an online balloon twisting session!

How many people can we "invite" for the session?

While we have intended our balloon sculpting session for a single-family each time, we do understand how much of a difference it would make to involve more at your celebration. There will be no additional charges to have more participants for the session, but there will be an additional +$35 charge for additional sculptures to be made LIVE and then couriered to your invited guests.


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$525 ($36 per pax & including courier)
  • High quality Made in Sweden Pump
  • Branded Sempertex Balloons Included
  • 3 x Balloon Sculptures taught
  • 45 – 60 minutes of live Online Interactive Balloon Sculpting Session streamed straight into your living room
  • 15 x Door Step Courier Inclusive
  • (Caters for up to 15 pax, (+$36 per additional pax)

$99 ($35 per additional sculpture & courier location)
  • 1 x Balloon Sculpting Artist
  • 3 x Balloon Sculptures (depending on complexity of the request)
  • 15 minutes of live Online Interactive Balloon Sculpting Session streamed straight into your living room
  • FREE COURIER to Door Step
**only available with any purchase of Economy, Standard, Premium or Deluxe Package

Pinata Session

  •  Pinata Provided
  • All candies included within fillings
  • Free Hosting by our Party Entertainer

Party Packs

  • 25 party packs provided
  • Contents include biscuits, candies & other sweet delights!

Floating Helium Balloons

  • 50 Helium balloons
  • Choose your favorites colors!
  • Leave it hanging in the ceiling!

Customize Package

” The Party Only For You “

None of the packages suit your needs? Want something different?

Please feel free to contact us for a free personal consultation, and we will be very happy to discuss your requirements and customize a package to suit your needs. After all, we want to see your party being special and a huge success!

(You may book us for individual services as well.)

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