Fun-filled Goodie Bags & Party Favors in Singapore

Are goodie bags or party favors necessary? 

Well, the decision to include goodie bags or party favors at your event really depends on your personal preference and budget. But goodie bags can be a nice gesture to show appreciation to your guests for attending and celebrating with you. Plus, they add an extra touch of fun and excitement to the overall experience.

Sure, you may have already invested in a fantastic venue, delicious food, and entertainment for your party. However, having some thoughtful return gifts can leave a lasting impression on your guests and make them feel valued. It’s always nice to receive a little something to take home as a memento of the event.



If you’re still having 2nd thoughts about birthday goodies as return gifts, here’re a few reasons that may change your mind.


1. Teach Generosity
Return gifts are a great way to teach your little ones what it means to be grateful. The act of gift-giving is an important skill and an opportunity for kids to learn to share. Goodie bags or party favors encourage your little one to be social with guests and leaves them with a memorable experience.

2. Momento for the Party
More than Party Favors at weddings, Kids Party Goodie Bags can serve as wonderful momentos from your celebration. Kids often say that the small gifts & stationaries they received at the celebrations are often what they love most. This is also why we try to skip out on consumables so that these birthday goodie bags from your celebration can be kept forever for remembrance!

3. Fun Filled Experience

Okay. time for a confession. We love party packs and goodie bags ourselves. They are just fun to have, fun to give & fun to receive. Whether your little guests are just admiring the stickers, coloring with the new crayon set, or piecing the puzzles with the family, these gifts extends the good feelings from your celebration.


Goodie bags can be fun and offers a novel experience. They keep the little ones busy when you gap to fill and are great options for both younger and older kids alike. So whether you are preparing one on your own, or adding ours to cart, we hope you’d take the time to get them ready!

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1. Pre-Packaged
Forget about putting together your own plastic toys! The team @ Jellybean Party specifically source for a variety of goodies ranging from experimental clay to classic stickers that can be enjoyed by children of all ages!

2. Affordable Prices
Return gifts doesn’t need to cost a lot to be meaningful. It’s often the thought that counts. We kept our party favors selection affordable with a variety of pricing options so that you can decide what works best for your party. Even with a large number of attendees, you don’t need to break the bank for these things!

3. Fuss Free Purchase w/ Free Delivery
We deliver the goodie bags anywhere in Singapore, directly to your door-step even before the party. so you get your peace of mind and know that you are all covered for the special day!

Genuine 5 Star Raved Reviews
Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what so many have to say about our professional services!

Goodie bags are a fantastic addition to any birthday party. Opting for pre-packed goodie bags saves time, offers great value and are often more affordable than customized or personalized gifts. Our selection of pre-packed goodie bags is perfect for various occasions, such as Children’s Day, kids birthday parties, and even school events or preschool gatherings. Plus, they can also double up as adorable Christmas goodies!

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Jellybean 2024 Goodie Bag - Pre Packaged Party Favors

Looking for the perfect party favor that will bring a smile to your little guests? Our latest Goodie Bag Party Gift for 2024 are specially curated for kids of all ages. It’s packed with fun and educational toys and stationaries that will keep them entertained for hours.

Inside, you’ll find a variety of goodies that will spark their creativity and imagination. We included a colorful box of pencils and a scratch art book that allows them to create beautiful designs!

But that’s not all! We’ve also included a traditional kaleidoscope toy to introduce them to the fascinating world of light and illusion. It’s a fun and interactive way for them to learn while having a blast.

And what’s a party without balloons? That’s why we also threw in an adorable animal bracelet that doubles as a fun accessory for photo opportunities. It’s sure to bring smiles and laughter to any celebration!

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or looking for a Children’s Day Gift, we are certain that our 2024 Party Favor will offer the Best Value in the market.

2024 Jellybean Pre Packaged Goodie Bag

This gift set includes:
• 5 Gift Items
– Coloring Pencils (Set of 12)
– Coin Bank / Stationary Holder
– Scratch Art Book
– Traditional Kaleidoscope Toy
– Kawaii Balloon Animal Bracelet
• All Packaged in a Gift Bag
(Note: Designs on item will vary)

Usual Price: $200
Price: $160 NETT / 20 sets
(Additional Packs @ $8 each)

2023 Jellybean Goodie Bag - Pre Packaged Party Favors (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Our pre-packaged goodie bags are an absolute hit! They’re packed with a mix of delightful and vibrant stickers, a fresh set of crayons perfect for arts & craft in school, and some clay for hands-on play. Additionally, we also included the cutest duckling bubble tubes that will surely keep them entertained for hours at your party!

Jellybean Pre Packaged Goodie Bag

This gift set includes:
• 4 Gift Items
– Coloring Crayons (Set of 12)
– Duckling Bubble Tube
– Safari Animal Stickers
– D.I.Y. Dinosaur Clay (Random Assortment)
• Small Gift Bag w/ Ribbon

Usual Price: $200
Price: $160 NETT / 20 sets
(Additional Packs @ $8 each)

2023 Jellybean Party Goodie Bag - Puzzle Set (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Did you know that playing with puzzles has significant impacts on a child’s fine motor skills through the coordination of small muscles. Playing with puzzles also reinforces connections between brain cells, improves mental speed and is an effective way to improve short-term memory. What better gift to offer your little guests for them to LEARN & PLAY!

Jellybean Puzzle Party Favor Set

Gift Puzzle Set Details:
• 24 Piece Puzzle
– Puzzle Size: 440 x 310mm
– Package Size: 200 x 58 x 150mm
• Packaged In Handy Gift Box as Shown in Display
(Note that that every bundle of 20 will be in random assortment of designs)

Usual Price: $200
Price: $160 NETT / 20 sets
(Additional Puzzle Box @ $8 each)

2023 Jellybean Party 2 in 1 Goodie Bag Deal (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Get our 2-in-1 Goodie Bag set now and watch as your little guests sing praises about attending “THE BEST PARTY EVER!”

Jellybean Party Goodie Bag - 2-in-1 Value Set

This gift set includes:
• 5 Gift Items
– 24 piece Puzzle Set
– Coloring Crayons (Set of 12)
– Duckling Bubble Tube
– Safari Animal Stickers
– D.I.Y. Dinosaur Clay (Random Assortment)

Usual Price: $400
Price: $250 NETT / 20 sets
(Additional Packs @ $12.50 each)


Can I customize my own goodie bag design?

Currently our party packs are pre-packaged in order to offer the best value option. We do not offer customisation options of these goodie bags.

You may however print your own stickers or gift notes and attach to our goodie bags upon arrival.

How far in advance should I order my goodie bags?

It is recommended to place your order for goodie bags well in advance to ensure availability and allow sufficient time for it to arrive to you. It is advisable to place your order at least 2-4 weeks before the event date.

Can I get goodie bags delivered to my event venue?

Yes of course! We are happy to deliver the item via door-step courier prior to your event. If you are also booking our entertainment option, our talent / crew will bring the gifts on site on the day of your celebration.

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